7 castles in the Region of Valencia to visit with children

11 de January de 2023
Did you know that the Region of Valencia has a lot of castles that are interesting to visit with children? We have made a selection of 7 castles that are well worth a visit.
7 castles in the Region of Valencia to visit with children

1. Ayora´s castle

To the south-east of Ayora, the Castle of Ayora stands on a 640 meter-high rock. The castle used to have a four-story residence palace, two strongholds and a large keep, as well as other buildings, wells and gardens. The complex was surrounded by nearly a thousand meters of defensive walls and towers. 


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The castle has recently been renewed and you can visit it either with a guided tour or on your own. For more information, please have a look at the Ayora Tourism website.


2. The Castle of Cofrentes

Another castle that can be visited in the Region of Valencia is the Castle of Cofrentes. This castle is built on a basalt rock of volcanic origin. It is actually built on one of the chimneys of the Cerro de Agras volcano! From the castle you can enjoy the beautiful views over the Cabriel river.


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You can visit the Albacar (the first walled enclosure of the Castle), the Tower of Tribute (used for surveillance), the Patio de Armas, the Museum and the Clock: a forged blacksmith's watch from the second half of the 18th century. It is the oldest clock in the Region of Valencia of these characteristics.

To visit the Castle of Cofrentes you can make a reservation by calling 96 189 42 16. For more information, please visit the Cofrentes Tourism website.


3. Cullera's Castle

Cullera offers so much more than just the beach. We recommend a visit to its castle, built by the Cordoba state in the 9th century.


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The Cullera castle is a construction of the tenth century, of the Caliphate era, built on the remains of another Ibero-Roman building. Inside the castle you can visit the Municipal Museum of History and Archeology, as well as different exhibitions and audiovisual projections on the history of Cullera or the castle itself.

For more information on timetables and entry prices, you can visit the Cullera Tourism website.


4. The Castle of Denia

Another impressive castle with more than two thousand years of history is located in Dènia. It played a vital role as a defence mechanism against pirate attacks. Over the centuries, new architectural elements were added in accordance with the historical period until it finally fell into disuse at the end of the 19th century.


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The castle and the Archaeological Museum are definitly worth a visit. From the castle there are great views over the city and the Mediterranean Sea. For more information on timetables and entry prices, you can visit the Dénia Tourism website.

5. Morella's Castle

It is impossible to miss the imposing Castle of Morella perched atop an impressive rock. Its history is impressive and you will see that the passage of many civilizations has left their mark on this fortress.


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We recommend walking to the Plaza de Armas, from where you have impressive views over the mountain ranges. Children will love exploring the Morella Castle with the children's map.

For more information on timetables and entry prices, you can visit the Morella Tourism website.


6. Peñiscola Castle

The Castle of Peñíscola, called the "Castillo de Papa Luna", is a Templar castle which occupies the highest part of the rocky outcrop on which the ancient city of Peñíscola is built. Its construction began in 1294 and now, more than 725 years later, it still stands.


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Children will love exploring all its corners, from the dungeons to the courtyards, going up and down its towers and enjoying breathtaking views over the Mediterranean Sea.

Do not miss the Artillery Park: a botanical garden that also houses a refuge for birds of prey. 

For more information about timetables and entry prices, you can visit this webiste.


7. Villena Castle

The Villena castle in the province of Alicante is well worth a visit. The Castle of Villena known as the Castle of the Watchtower was built by the Almohad Empire at the end of the 12th century as a refuge for the Muslim population of Villena.


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The Castle was taken by the Aragonese troops in 1240, but it took 3 attempts to take the fortress. It is made up of a double walled enclosure, with the outer wall defended by twelve towers. It has a large four-story keep.

The Castle of Villena looks like a castle taken from a tale of knights and princesses. The kids will love it!

For more information about timetables and entry prices, you can visit the website of Turismo Villena.