Calle Virgen del Rosario 35, Villa Isabelita . CP.: 46620
Ayora - Valencia/València

Located in the inland of Valencia, Ayora surprises by the extension of its municipal term, but what really makes you fall in love, is the great variety of landscapes that this town offers us.

The best plans in Ayora

In the natural environment, Ayora is recognized for the Iberian Town of Meca, and for the remains of rock paintings in the Tortosilla Cave, unique vestiges in all Spain. These two places can be visited with guided tours, contacting previously with the Ayora Tourist Information Office. We can also find rest areas in the Natural Park of “La Hunde”, or in “La Sierra de Ayora”, where we will also discover natural pools and reservoirs to cool off in summer with whole family. The natural part of the village, can be explored with complete freedom through the multiple signposted hiking and bicycle routes, most of them suitable for children and adults.

In the urban environment, the majestic Castle built in 13th century, crowns the “Altos neighborhood”, the old town of Ayora. These streets invite you to get lost by following the “Route of the Red Thread”, or discover the hidden secrets of the population with the "Family Gymkhana of Ayora", a walk through the local heritage with funny games to enjoy with family. The August Festivities, its famous Honey Fair or the charming Passion Week, cataloged as “Tourist Interest Festivities” in 2017, are the perfect excuse to visit this town, and take advantage of all the activities that are designed especially for  whole family.

Destination information for families:

  • 5 festivities cataloged as “Tourist Interest Festivities”
  • 12 properties cataloged as “Cultural Interest Goods”
  • Play areas
  • Sports areas
  • Restaurants and accommodations with services for families
  • Recreational areas and rest areas in nature
  • Guided tours, adapted for whole family
  • Hiking routes, bicycle routes and mountain biking
  • Municipal services: Tourist Office, medical center, pharmacy, school...



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