El Puig de Santa María

Camí de l’Estació s/n. CP.: 46540
El Puig de Santamaría - Valencia/València

History says that El Puig was key to the conquest of Valencia and we can still see the ruins of the Castle of Jaume I on the mountain of La Patá and visit the 13th century Church of Santa María which was built to commemorate the conquest of the capital. There are regularly scheduled historical routes through the town that take visitors back in time.

The best plans in El Puig de Santa María

The strategic character of the town not only left medieval traces, but in the 20th century a complex of shelters and trenches were built on the slopes of the mountain which formed part of a defensive line in the Spanish Civil War and which nowadays attract tourists thanks to guided tours which try to explain part of our recent history.

More Info https://www.elpuigturistico.net/guides/5/imatges/guias/126763e3ad4fc66ad981036411.pdf


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