C/ Mayor, 41 . CP.: ES12598
Peñiscola - Castellón/Castelló

Magic Museum: A magical and different environment for a unique and surprising event.

Yunke is one of the great illusionists of our time, with worldwide recognition.

After taking his magic to the five continents and participating in television programmes all over the world, in 2016 he launched one of the projects he is most excited about: The Magic Museum by Yunke, located in Peñíscola. A hall-museum where internationally renowned magicians perform spectacular live magic sessions.
The Magic Museum by Yunke brings you closer to the mysterious world of magic. Enjoy a historical journey, hand in hand with our magicians, through a universe unknown to most people.
Everything around us is susceptible to magic. Questions about the world around us can be answered through magic. 
The Magic Museum byYunke's activities include magic shows, which are increasingly in demand by visitors and residents of Peñíscola. First class magic shows in a unique magical environment and atmosphere such as the walls of the Magic Museum.
Over the years, thousands of people have enjoyed our guided tours and live shows.
Little by little, the Magic Museum is growing up, making it one of the must-see plans for visitors to Peñíscola.

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