10 summer fun ideas for kids

4 de August de 2021
Summer is long, very long, and that's great! But sometimes we run out of ideas on how to entertain the kids. In this post we give you 10 ideas to make summer afternoons (or mornings) even more fun.
10 summer fun ideas for kids

Here are 10 ideas and games you can play with your children during the summer vacations.

1. Start a summer diary

It's a great idea to keep special summer memories in a notebook. You can collect entry tickets from excursions, souvenirs (sticks, leaves, shells), draw pictures... Besides, it's a great way for kids to keep the habit of writing.

Diario de verano

2. Learning to make origami

This idea has kept us entertained for quite some time...some families from the Tour & Kids team have created a collection of origami sea animals! Learning to make origami figures is good for fine motor skills and patience. There are lots of tutorials on Youtube that you can follow.

3. Learn magic tricks

Surprise your family with magic tricks! You can become real magicians with the help of YouTube tutorials. Who performs the best trick? After learning the tricks you can put on a real magic show. 

Trucos de Magia

4. Organize a camping trip at home

It's always fun to pitch a tent and sleep in it! If you have a real tent, you can set it up in the garden. And if you have neither a tent nor a garden, you can set up camp in the living room and sleep there. We're sure the kids will love it!

5. Have a scavenger hunt

Organize a scavenger for your kids and their friends! It's a little more work, but they'll have a lot of fun. For example, you can hide clues that they have to find, which will lead to a hidden treasure.

6. Making homemade ice cream

This activity is about making ice cream with what we have at home....fruit, yogurt, juice ... Surely you will make some delicious ice cream!

Helados caseros

7. Water battle

Kids love a water battle. With buckets, hoses or water balloons, you choose!

8. Board games

Board games are a great way to entertain the family. You can play traditional games or try new games. We recommend for example Uno and Dixit.

Juegos de mesa

9. Painting rocks

Painting rocks is a very fun activity. Find some large, flat stones and decorate them as you like.

10. Decorate a T-shirt

As a last activity we suggest decorating some t-shirts. You can use white t-shirts and textile paint to create cool summer t-shirts.