5 easy Halloween crafts for kids

7 de October de 2021
Halloween es una fiesta que se celebra cada vez más en España. ¿Has pensado en hacer una pequeña fiesta en casa? ¿O simplemente te gusta hacer manualidades con tus hij@s? Te sugerimos estas 5 manualidades de decoración de Halloween que son divertidas, originales y fáciles de hacer.
5 easy Halloween crafts for kids

Here at Tour & Kids we love decorating for Halloween: the Tour & Kids team made these crafts with their kids and the result was really fun! Are you up for it?


1. Halloween Bats

These bats are very easy to make. You only need toilet paper rolls, black paint, black cardboard and eyes to decorate. Children can even make this craft on their own.

Manualidades de HalloweenFoto

Paint the paper roll black, cut out the wings from black cardboard and glue them to the paper roll. Decorate the bat with eyes, mouth and fangs. You can hang the bats on the ceiling.


2. Ghosts

In a good Halloween party, ghosts are a must. For these ghosts you will need an old sheet that you can cut into pieces.


You will also need strong thread and a plastic bowl and a polystyrene ball. Make a hole in the plastic bowl and cover it with the sheet. Pass the thread, decorate the sheet with eyes and mouth (with black paint for textile for example or permanent marker).

If you use the polystyrene ball, cover the ball with the sheet. Pass a thread through the sheet, with this thread we can hang the ghost from the ceiling. To keep the ball from falling we use another thread that we roll around the "neck" of the ghost.



3. A Halloween garland

In our list of 5 easy crafts to decorate the house for Halloween we must have a garland. Again we will need black cardboard and string. We can cut the shapes we want, ranging from bats to ghosts or pumpkins..

Guirnalda HalloweenFoto

We pass the thread through the cardboard and then hang our garland at home. On this page you can find templates to make it easier. 


4. Turn mandarins into pumpkins

f you have mandarins at home, you can paint them with permanent marker to make them look like mini-pumpkins. This is a super simple, but very effective Halloween craft. We usually put these mini-pumpkins all over the house.



5. Garbage bag spider webs

This craft to decorate the house for Halloween is a little more laborious, but it looks very cool. It consists of cutting some garbage bags in the shape of a spider web. You can see the step by step instructions in this link. We used some very large garbage bags to make big spider webs.



This is what ours looks like:

Telearaña Halloween

Which one is your favourite?