5 Waterfalls in the Region of Valencia that you should visit

14 de September de 2023
If you like waterfalls, we recommend some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Region of Valencia to visit with children. As the Valencia region can be a bit dry, we recommend you visit them after a day of rain.
5 Waterfalls in the Region of Valencia that you should visit

1. El Salto de la Novia Waterfall

"El Salto de la Novia" is an impressive waterfall formed by the Palancia river in the Province of Castellón, more specifically in Navajas. It is a 30 meters high waterfall that can be easily accessed with children and baby carriages.

Waterfalls_Valencia_regionFoto: Navajas.es

Legend has it that when a couple was going to get married, the bride had to cross the river and if she succeeded, the marriage would be happy. There was a time when the bride did not succeed, being caught in a whirlpool of the river. When the groom tried to recue her, they both tragically died. A sad legend for such a beautiful place!

If you want to sleep nearby, we recommend the Altomira campsite!


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2. Les Fonts d'Algar Waterfalls

Just 15 kilometers from Benidorm are Les Fonts d'Algar, worth visiting with children. There are several waterfalls and natural pools formed by the Algar River. If you go with small children, we recommend using a baby carrier since there are steep stairs. It is a short route of about 1.5 kilometers


3. Pou Clar d’ Ontinyent

The Pou Clar is located just outside Ontinyent in the Province of Valencia. The Rio Clariano forms various natural pools and waterfalls, which can reach 10 meters in height.


Each well has a name: "Pou dels Esclaus", "Pou Clar", "Pou Gelat", "Pou de la Reixa", "Pou Fosc" and "Pou dels Cavalls". And yes, the water is very cold!


4 El Chorrador de Navarrés Waterfall

In Navarrés we find a very beautiful natural setting, where we can visit the Chorrador de Navarrés, a beautiful waterfall. You can go for a walk with children, following the river and enjoying the landscapes formed by the water.

Visit_waterfalls_with_kidsfoto: menudosviajeros.com

5. Cueva del Turche Waterfall

The Turche cave is located on the right bank of the Juanes river, between Buñol and Yátova. There is a 60 meter high waterfall, which is especially abundant in the rainy season. The route to the cave is pleasant and there is a picnic area.

Albergue ACTIO organizes guided hikes to the waterfall.

As the rivers of the region of Valencia have a fluctuating water flow, sometimes the waterfalls can have less water or have no water at all. That is why we recommend you visit them for example after it has rained. Do not forget to wear suitable footwear, sunscreen and hats if you go on a hot day.