5 natural pools in the Region of Valencia

5 de May de 2021
Wild swimming is great! We love swimming in rivers and natural pools in spring or summer. In this article we are going to show you 5 natural pools in the Region of Valencia.
5 natural pools in the Region of Valencia

1. Montanejos

In Montanejos, Fuente de los Baños is a natural pool that attracts many families. The temperature of the water is always around 25ºC which makes it a great swimming spot all year round, although some claim that the temperature of the water is lower.... 

The hot springs are set in a beautiful natural area, which is also great for hiking. There is a family trail of about 5 kilometers long that is sign-posted. 

In the high season we recommend to avoid weekends. It is forbidden to make a fire and to set up folding tables and chairs to the area near the Fuente de los Baños. You can check with the Tourist Office for more information.


2. Natural pools around Anna: El Gorgo de la Escalera

Close to the town of Anna you can find a nice natural pool: El Gorgo de la Escalera. It is named after the 136 stairs (escaleras) leading down to a gorge where a section of the river transforms into a series of pools and cascades. The water isn't very deep, so ideal for a day with kids. Make sure you have a lot of sunscreen with you as shaded areas are limited. 

3. Charcos de Quesa

The Charcos de Quesa are just outside the small town of Quesa. They are a series of pools in different levels fed by various cascades and a waterfall. The waterfall can be accessed from behind, a fun adventure for the whole family. Visiting the Charcos de Quesa is a great day-trip, even if you´re not going to swim. You can go for a hike instead and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. There is a parking area where you can leave the car. 


4. Bolbaite

In Bolbaite (84 kms from Valencia) there are natural pools with a small picnic-area, small waterfalls and stunning surroundings. Very easily accessible and a great visit with kids. You'll want to take a million pictures!


5. The Algar waterfalls

Les Fonts de l'Algar in Alicante are located 15 kms from Benidorm and 3 kms from the urban center of Callosa d'en Sarrià.

After paying a small entrance fee you can enjoy the spectacular waterfalls, the many springs that flow from the rocks and the “tolls” (small natural pools) where you can take a refreshing bath in pure and crystalline waters.

Algar waterfalls