Easter in the Region of Valencia with children: 4 family traditions

13 de April de 2022
When Easter arrives in the Region of Valencia there are many family traditions that you can enjoy. You surely know some of these 4 traditions.
Easter in the Region of Valencia with children: 4 family traditions

In the Region of Valencia, Easter is celebrated as a festive, recreational and gastronomic event unique in Spain. There are many traditions around Easter, which families still celebrate today. 

Do you know these 4 family traditions?


In the inland villages of the Region of Valencia and in many seaside tourist destinations, it is a tradition to buy "la Mona de Pascua" in the bakeries: an ideal ester treat! Children love its shapes and the colorful egg (boiled or chocolate) that decorates the mona.

The origin of the name of the Easter bread comes from the Arabic term 'munna', which means "provision of the mouth": the Mona was a gift made by the Muslims to their lords and represented fertility and hope. 

The tradition is to crack the egg on the forehead of another person.



Another great Valencian Easter tradition is to fly a kite or the so called "catxirulo" . Fortunately this tradition has not been lost although the materials have changed, as in the past the kites were made of cane. Nowadays, kites made of artificial materials are more popular, but the result is the same: lots of fun!


Among all the Easter traditions of the Region of Valencia, perhaps the merienda (picnic) is one of the most popular. Hence the name "merenderos" of the picnic areas in mountain areas.

In Valencia, one of the best known picnic areas is the recreational picnic area of La Mona in the pine forest of El Saler. For decades, adults and children have enjoyed the beach, the pine forest and a boat ride on the Albufera after a snack with (traditional) games.

Near Valencia, Easter is traditionally celebrated in Sagunt and Puig at the Sagunt Castle, the Font de Quart and the recreation area of Sant Esperit in Gilet.

This tradition extends throughout the Region of Valencia. Denia has rediscovered the tradition of going up to the Castell to eat the mona and to go to the beach of les Rotes. 

Meanwhile, the Arenal beach in Xàbia becomes a meeting point for children and parents where they fly the kite and spend a day outdoors. The traditional Easter fair gathers associations, which sell monas, fritters and cakes.

In Calpe, Easter is traditionally celebrated in the Serra d'Oltà, in the mountains.

In Castellón it is a tradition to eat the mona and fly the kite in the Pinar del Grao area and in the nearby towns of Oropesa del Mar, Benicàssim and Peñiscola.



Among all Easter traditions in the Region of Valencia, going out to enjoy outdoor activities is undoubtedly one of the most common ones, which comes from a long tradition of celebrating the beginning of spring in rural and agricultural areas.

Many families go for a walk near the recreational areas, following some of the interpretive trails of the natural parks or the local trails.

How do you celebrate Easter?