Exploring Altea with children: family-friendly activities

24 de May de 2023
Altea, a magical destination on the Costa Blanca, offers a variety of experiences to enjoy with kids. From exploring the beautiful bay aboard the llaut Galatea to discovering the secrets of the old town with "Marco Topo", Altea is packed with fun and adventure for all ages. Get ready to discover the best of Altea with your children and create unforgettable memories together.
Exploring Altea with children: family-friendly activities

Altea, a charming coastal town on the Costa Blanca, is the ideal destination for a holiday with children. In addition to its beautiful Mediterranean surroundings and welcoming atmosphere, in Altea you can enjoy a unique activity that will allow you to explore the bay and immerse yourself in its rich history. Are you ready to discover Altea on board the llaut "Galatea"?

El llaut Galatea: Sailing witk kids

The llaut "Galatea" is a traditional Mediterranean boat offering an enjoyable and authentic way to explore the bay of Altea. With plenty of space and amenities for a relaxing experience at any time of the year, the Galatea llaut is perfect for the whole family to enjoy.


Adventures in the bay of Altea: Legends, history and nature

The trips aboard the Galatea llaut are specially thought out so that you can experience a real adventure with your family. During the trip, you will discover the stories surrounding the coves and islands of the bay, as well as the fascinating history of the llaut and the sailors of Altea. You will also have the opportunity to get to know the posidonia, a vitally important marine plant, and to observe a variety of fish and seabirds.


In addition, there will be plenty of time to enjoy a refreshing swim, snorkel in safe and quiet places, paddle surf and make the most of this special day at sea.

Specific services for families: Tailor-made adventures!

At Altea en Llaut, they offer specific services to ensure that families make the most of their experience. Here are some of the exciting excursions:

  1. Sailor for a day: Come and discover the secrets of the bay of Altea aboard the Galatea llaut, a traditional boat that will delight the whole family.
  2. Snorkelling in posidonia: Explore the posidonia meadows of the Marina Baixa with Altea en Llaut and learn about the importance of their conservation.
  3. Excursion to Benidorm Island: Discover lighthouses, caves and secret coves while enjoying an authentic sailing experience to the emblematic island of Benidorm.
  4. Sunset in llaut: Enjoy the beauty and colours of an authentic Mediterranean sunset with your family while sailing along the coast of Altea.

Marco Topo's guide: Discovering Altea with the family

In addition to the experience on board the llaut Galatea, Altea offers the opportunity to discover the town with children together with Marco Topo, a friendly cartoon character. Marco Topo will lead you on a fun and educational tour of the most interesting spots in Altea. The kids will be able to follow his clues and discover curiosities about the history, culture and architecture of the town while having fun.


Altea with children: Other activities to enjoy

In addition to the adventures on the Galatea llaut and with Marco Topo, Altea offers a wide range of activities to enjoy with the kids:

1. Explore the old town: Wander through the narrow cobbled streets of Altea's old town and discover its charming squares, shops and local craft workshops - children will love getting lost in this labyrinth of charming streets!

2. Visit the Serra Gelada Natural Park: Take a family trip to the Serra Gelada Natural Park, where you can enjoy nature trails and admire the stunning panoramic views of the coastline.

3. Enjoy the beaches: Altea has beautiful beaches. Spend a day in the sun building sand castles, swimming in the sea and enjoying water games with your children.

4. Visit the lively local market: On Saturday mornings, Altea's market comes alive with stalls selling fresh fruit, vegetables, sweets and handicrafts. Stroll through the market and let your children discover the flavours and colours of the region.

5. Stroll along the new promenade: One of the main attractions of Altea is its promenade. This new space covers 4,700 square metres with several play areas for the whole family.


Altea is an ideal destination for the whole family to enjoy, with exciting activities both on land and at sea. From exploring the bay on the Galatea llaut to discovering the charms of the town with Marco Topo, Altea offers a well-rounded holiday experience for all ages.