How to survive lockdown: 8 ideas for parents!

18 de March de 2020
In Spain and the UK we are in national lockdown, which means we are spending more time at home than we ever have. This can be a difficult time for families, but we hope that with these 8 tips, the lockdown will be a bit easier to handle.

1. Make a family schedule with time for homework and play

Now that we are all at home, it's important to establish a new family routine. We have to find time for work, homework, sports and play. Every family has their own way setting up a schedule. You can either use post-its, a piece of paper or a whiteboard. Whatever works best for you. Also, don't put too much pressure on yourself or the kids. If there are tasks that are left be it. Make sure there is time for unscheduled activities too, these often prove to be the most fun!

Cuarentena en casa por coronavirus

2. Don't forget to move: let's workout!

A good workout will make you feel energised and alive! If you want to workout from home there are several options. If you have a garden, you can all workout there. In this blog they recommend a Backyard Fitness Circuit Course.  But the livingroom is also a good space for a workout. You can do yoga together or zumba! You can also workout with Joe Wicks, he is becoming quite a famous personality these days of self-isolation!

3. Enjoy yout time together (watch a movie, play a game...)

We're going to be together for a long time! So let's take advantage of this situation. We can see this as an opportunity to strengthen family bonds. How? Enjoy watching a movie all together, get all the boardgames out and have a games marathon, think of arts and crafts you can all do together, look at the family photo album together and bring back some good memories.

Jugar en familia

4. Set-up a Calming Corner

Some members of the family might need a quiet space to relax and wind down. How about making a small calming corner in the house? You can put books in the corner, soft cushions, some play dough.... Anyrthing that relaxes your child  bit.

Relax en familia


5. Talk abot your emotions

This can be a stresful time for parents and children alike, Your kids might have a hundred questions and might feel scared or sad. This is a good time to talk about emotions. Express how YOU feel, so your kids will have the tools they need to express how THEY feel.


6. Virtually meet up with other parents

As parents we also need to share our experiences with friends and family. Or why not meet up with other parents online, have a beer and chat. You can use applications like WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype for this.

Quedada virtual


7. Disconnect from social media

We've never received so many WhatsApp messages, memes, GIF's videos.....! Soemtimes it is jst nice to disconeect for a while and prevent the information overload. You don't have to be up to date with all the latest news. Just put your mobile down for a moment and relax.


8. Let the children be bored

The kids are going to get bored, nothing you can do about it. And actually, boredom isn't as bad as we think! It has benefits too!


Ideas for lockdown


And when all this is over, we hope to welcome you in the Region of Valencia with your family