Natural sites in Castellón to enjoy Easter with kids

29 de February de 2024
Castellón offers families ideal natural spaces to enjoy at Easter with their children. Accessible, beautiful and interesting places to discover the natural and cultural heritage, both on the coast and inland.
Natural sites in Castellón to enjoy Easter with kids

Spring will be here in a few weeks... and Easter too! The days are longer, it's not so cold and enjoying the outdoors and nature becomes one of the best options when it comes to enjoying time with children and teenagers. The Region of Valencia is full of cities and towns that are very focused on family tourism and which also have inland and coastal natural areas that are worth discovering and enjoying. Places to go for a walk, where children can play in peace and quiet or even spend the day with family and friends. In this article we are going to give you some great suggestions that we can find in the province of Castellón.



The coastal town of Peñíscola offers us natural spaces near the coast, where we can go for a short walk, have lunch or spend the afternoon with the children. In the same day, we can combine mountain and beach, something the whole family will enjoy. Explore Sierra de Irta Natural Park, take a walk to the Badum Tower or visit the chapel of Sant Antonio. Closer to this historic city you will find the Peñíscola Marshes or the Prat Wetlands where you will be able to observe a lot of birds.


Oropesa del Mar

Oropesa del Mar has a wonderful greenway that goes all the way to Benicàssim, along which we can make a wonderful family excursion, either on foot or by bicycle. The path runs through beautiful landscapes with unique elements, such as old trenches, and areas open to the sea. Halfway along the route there is a beautiful cove called la renegà, where you can stop for lunch and refresh yourself.

However, if you love to enjoy the sea, you should know that in Oropesa you will also find other beautiful coves with charm, such as Orpesa la Vella cove and Retor cove, perfect for spending the day with the family.



Parajes Naturales de Castellón Benicàssim


In addition to the cool green way that connects the city with Oropesa del Mar, in Benicàssim you will find other unique natural spaces, which are a great place to do with the whole family. The most spectacular of these, which is also shared with the towns of Cabanes, Castellón and two others, is the Desierto de Las Palmas Natural Park. A beautiful spot with lush vegetation, far from the urban area where you can enjoy nature and hiking. There are up to 10 different routes that take us to different monuments such as the Miravet castle, the Montornés castle, the castell Vell, the Magdalena and several hermitages, among which the Les Santes hermitage stands out.


Alcalà de Xivert - Alcossebre

Parajes Naturales de Castellón Alcossebre

 Alcalà de Xivert y Alcossebre has two natural enclaves that are not to be missed. Mountain lovers will enjoy exploring the amazing Sierra de Irta Natural Park, considered the last unspoilt mountain range in the Spanish Mediterranean. And for those who prefer the sea and nautical activities, in the Irta marine reserve you will find a plan to suit you. It is the perfect place for family activities such as snorkelling.



Parajes Naturales de Catellón Cabanes

As we have told you before, one of the natural landscapes that you can find in Cabanes is the Desierto de las Palmas. But it is not the only one. There are other natural spaces that are ideal to visit with children at Easter. This town is located between two natural parks, the Desierto de las Palmas and the Prat de Cabanes-Torreblanca Natural Park. The Prat de Cabanes-Torreblanca is the main wetland in the province of Castellón. A narrow coastal strip of marshes and swamps formed by quaternary deposits where, in addition to walking or cycling routes, we can practice birdwatching.



Parajes Naturales de Castellón Columbretes

A few nautical miles away from the city of Castellón we can enjoy a truly unique natural site: the Columbretes Islands. This islands have a volcanic origin and are of great environmental importance. Dozens of birds nest here and there are endemic species of insects and plants. Columbretes Islands has one of the richest Marine Reserves in the Mediterranean. Taking a boat trip with the children to this unique enclave will be an experience they will never forget.

If, in addition to Las Columbretes, you want to explore other natural spots in Castellón over Easter, other good options are the Desierto de las Palmas, which we have already mentioned, and the Paraje de la Font de la Reina, where you will find the Molí de la Font spring.




The Thermal Village of Montanejos is located in privileged surroundings. A mountainous area of great scenic wealth, near to Sierra de Espadán Natural Park. Another fantastic plan for Easter, in Montanejos, is the Ruta de las Fuentes (Fountains Route). A circular hiking route of about 15 km. in which you can discover 5 fountains of natural origin, as well as enjoying the landscape and nature.




Parejes Naturales de Castellón Morella

Morella is located in an area of great natural importance. In its surroundings you will find wonderful places to discover with the children at Easter. Places such as the river Les Corses or Cérvol, the woods of Vallivana, the ravine of the Bota bridge, the Font de la Donzella, the Esperança or the villages of La Llàcua and Salvassoria. Furthermore, about 6 km from this beautiful town, in a mountain shelter, you can find the cave paintings of Morella la Vella. A very important site, where we can observe amazing representations of Levantine cave art that have been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.


What do you think of these ideas? In our website you will find more information about these and other great plans to organise Easter getaways in Comunitat Valenciana for the whole family. Take a look at all the proposals!