Top things to do with children in El Campello

26 de April de 2023
María José, mum of three and author of the blog "Con los Niños en la Mochila" tells us a bit more about her blog and her town, El Campello in Alicante. An ideal town to visit with the family, so let's see what to do in El Campello with children!
Top things to do with children in El Campello

El Campello is a popular destination in the province of Alicante to visit with children. We talked to María José, mother of three children and author of the blog Con los niños en la mochila. It is a blog about traveling with kids and other topics mainly related to tourism and family leisure. In addition, sometimes she also talks about some topics related to motherhood and parenting. María José lives in El Campello and knows everything there is to do with children in this town.


Why should you visit El Campello with kids?

El Campello is a very family-oriented town. In fact, it is quite a large town, with more than 27,000 inhabitants and in high season there are probably more than twice as many. But in spite of this, you can still feel the village atmosphere. You can still sense that peacefulness. It is a town where you can take a relaxing stroll, enjoy its beaches and coves, play in fantastic playgrounds, savour its gastronomy, go on hiking trails...

In addition, it is also just a few kilometres from Alicante and Benidorm. So you can visit these cities easily. El Campello is very well communicated thanks to the TRAM and the bus.

What are your favourite places and activities in El Campello?

I am in love with my village. So it's hard for me to choose my favourite places or activities. However, I'll tell you some of the things you can't miss:

Visiting our Torre de l'Illeta and the archaeological site of Els Banyets is a must.


They are the emblematic landmarks of the town and you can learn a little bit of our history through them. The Tower can only be visited on a guided tour, and to do so you must contact the tourist office and reserve a place. These visits are free of charge. However, if you can, I recommend you to take one of the theatrical visits that take place during the summer and Easter. They are great fun and great if you go with children. 

Of course, I love our beaches and coves. In summer they are great for cooling off and in winter the perfect place to play and go for a walk.


Other places not to miss if you're travelling with children are the Hello Kitty playground and the municipal playground. Here the kids will have a great time on the swings, running and playing safely. In the Municipal Park there is also a snack bar/cafeteria where you can enjoy a delicious chocolate with churros.

Finally, I recommend you to go to the tourist office and ask for "El mapa del Tesoro del Llop Marí". It is a map showing the most important places in the town.

The map is a treasure hunt for children. It' s a fun way for them to explore the town and learn a bit more about it. If they finish the route and take the map back to the tourist office, they will get a little gift.

Are there any festivities we can't miss?

In El Campello we have not one, but two fiestas that you cannot miss.
On the one hand there are our patron saint festivities which take place in October. These are the Moors and Christians Festivals. Officially they are from the 12th to the 15th of October, although from the 8th of October onwards activities begin to take place. There are many events that take place, but I would mainly highlight the Desembarco, the Entradas (which are the parades that take place in the afternoon) and the embassies. They are really spectacular.
The other main local fiestas are held in July in honour of the Virgen del Carmen. El Campello is a traditional fishing village and the Virgen del Carmen is the patron saint of fishermen. This is why these fiestas are so carefully prepared and celebrated with such devotion. These festivities are held from 12 to 16 July and have a very extensive program of activities.
There are concerts, food tastings, performances, children's games and activities, exhibitions, fireworks... The culmination of these festivities comes on the afternoon of 16th July with the seafaring procession in which the Virgin is taken out to sea by one of the local boats. It is very beautiful to see how the boat leaves the port and how the rest of the other boats accompany it on its journey.