Viunatura: outdoor adventure activities in the Region of Valencia

14 de July de 2021
The Region of Valencia is not only a beach destination, but also a great destination for mountain lovers. The Province of Castellón offers perfect mountainous areas to enjoy the outdoors safely with the help of outdoor tourism companies such as Viunatura.
Viunatura: outdoor adventure activities in the Region of Valencia

We all know that the Region of Valencia is an ideal sun and beach destination, but what many people do not know is that we also have beautiful mountains ideal for outdoor activities for the whole family. 



Adventure and outdoor activities in Castellón for the whole family

The province of Castellón is the ideal setting to enjoy outdoor sports. Viunatura organizes outdoor activities in the south of Castellón, near the Sierra de Espadán Natural Park, a beautiful protected natural area.

Viunatura is an outdoor adventure tourism company created by a group of professionals who love nature and adventure sports. They offer an exciting and complete variety of experiences.


Live the experience with Viunatura

Viunatura offers a wide variety of activities such as: multiadventure, canyoning, exploring caves, climbing, kayaking or via ferrata.

The via ferrata "La Roca del Molí" in l'Alcora (Castellón) is especially suitable for families. From this via ferrata you can enjoy wonderful views of the natural environment of the Lucena River. It consists of an ascent of 50 meters and also comes with a 50 meter zipline and a 10 meter high rappel.


Entering an unknown environment, discovering the incredible landscapes hidden underground and the loss of the notion of time and space make caving one of the most exciting adventure activities that exist. Viunatura offers a caving experience for the whole family.

Thanks to the pleasant temperatures of the province of Castellón and the 5 mm neoprene equipment  that Viunatura offers, you can enjoy water canyoning all year round. It is a very dynamic and fun activity that is suitable for all ages as all jumps and abseiling activities are optional.


In addition, Viunatura organizes multi-adventure circuits that combine activities such as kayaking with archery or sliding down a zip line. 

You can consult Viunatura's offer for families on their website.