When can we travel to Spain again?

27 de May de 2020
As you might know, Spain applied a strict lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic. The government has come up with a 4 phased plan to slowly move towards what they call “new normality”. What does this mean for your summer holidays in Spain?

Every phase of the plan can take up to two weeks and every phase allows a bit more freedom of movement and activities. If all goes well, Spain will reach new normality by the end of June.

Reestablish air traffic

The government has announced their wish to reestablish air traffic from the first of July onwards and travelers won't have to go into a two-week quarantine when entering the country.

Travel to Spain this summer

However, travel to Spain from the UK will only be permitted once the UK Government deems it safe to. Supposedly the UK and Spanish governments are now discussing the possibility of an air bridge between the two nations.

For current travel advice you can check the The Foreign & Commonwealth Office website. From June 8th onwards the UK government will start to apply quarantine measures for returning travelers.

New normality
At the time of writing, the use of face masks in is obligatory if a 2-meter distance cannot be guaranteed and people have to abide by certain time slots for walks and sports. These measures will slowly loosen up, but which rules will remain in place is not absolutely sure yet.


Spain is planning a government certification scheme for Covid-compliant tourist establishments. Strict hygiene and safety measure will be put into place. It’s very likely that going to the beach will be bound to rules of social distancing on the beach and in the water. The beach might have a limited number of people that are allowed to access and certain “opening times”.

Your holiday might not be the same as before, but Spain will put everything into place to make it a safe and pleasant stay for all. The Region of Valencia will be welcoming you with open arms.