Morella with children: 5 plans and activities to enjoy with the whole family

23 de May de 2024
Escape to the beautiful medieval town of Morella with your family. Discover its rich history, its delicious gastronomy and the great things to do with children and teenagers.
Morella with children: 5 plans and activities to enjoy with the whole family

Morella is a perfect destination to enjoy with the whole family. This charming medieval town, which has the Tour & Kids seal of approval, is located in the interior of the province of Castellón and offers a wide variety of fun activities and interesting places to visit with the little ones... And with those who aren't so little anymore.

If you're thinking about a family getaway to Morella, but you're not sure what to do in this beautiful town with children and teenagers, here are some ideas that the whole family will enjoy. 


5 things to do in Morella with kids and teenagers


1. Explore the Castle

One of the main attractions of Morella is its impressive castle. Not in vain, it was considered one of the most imposing fortresses in the Mediterranean. Climbing to the top is an adventure that will appeal to young and old alike. They will be able to imagine what life was like in the Middle Ages as they walk along the walls and explore the towers and dungeons.

What's more, from the castle you can enjoy spectacular views of the Els Ports region. Don't forget your camera!



2. Visit the Dinosaur Time Museum

If your children are fans of the Jurassic, the Dinosaur Time Museum is a must. Here they can learn about the prehistoric giants that once inhabited this region. The museum has interactive exhibits and educational activities that they will love. These types of museums are always a hit with children.


3. Have fun in the trees

For those looking for a bit of adrenaline, the Saltapins Adventure Park is the perfect place. Located in a natural setting, this park offers different circuits of zip lines, suspension bridges and climbing that are ideal for children and teenagers of all ages.



4. Discover its cave paintings

The cave paintings of Morella la Vella are located about 6 km from the town centre. A site, sheltered by the mountain, which has paintings with hunting scenes and schematic representations, which have been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. An impressive representation of Levantine art, witness to the first settlers of these lands.


5. Enjoy its festivities

The Sexenni

If you are lucky enough to visit Morella during the Sexenni year, your children will be able to enjoy one of the most important and colourful festivals in the region. This celebration, which takes place every six years, includes parades, dances and activities for the whole family to enjoy.

The Santantonada

But, although it is not the year of the Sexenni, there are other traditional festivals that you can enjoy with your family, such as the Santantonada, the medieval festival of fire, demons and saints, music and life in the countryside. It is one of the oldest, most attractive and beautiful events in the Region of Valencia.

As you can see, in Morella you will find activities that both children and adults will have a great time. So pack your bags and come and discover this beautiful corner of the Comunitat Valenciana.