8 Things to do with children when it rains

16 de November de 2022
When it rains in the Region of Valencia, it usually pours. However, rain shouldn't limit us too much when it comes to making plans with children. Here are some suggestions for things to do with children when it rains!
8 Things to do with children when it rains

1. Visit a museum when it rains

A rainy day is the perfect excuse to explore the museums in your city.

Kids will love the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. At the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum children can discover the world of science in a fun and interactive way. It is a museum that also organises workshops and there is even a musical. You can combine a visit to the museum with a visit to the Hemisfèric, where they show IMAX movies. There are three projection systems on a concave screen of 900 square metres: a great experience for the whole family!

If you feel like visiting another museum with children when it's raining, don't hesitate to check out our post about museums to visit with children in the Region of Valencia. We have many great suggestions. 



2. Watch a movie together

Another fun family activity when it rains is to watch a movie. You can set up a cinema at home or go to a real movie theatre. See if it's spectator's day at your local cinema, so you can save some money! 


3. Jump in puddles

There is a saying (Norwegian if we remember correctly) which is:

There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes.

So get your rain jacket and rain boots on and set off! Jumping in puddles is great fun and afterwards at home you can have a hot chocolate to warm up.


4. Arts and crafts

Crafts are a good resource for rainy days. From playing with play dough to painting t-shirts... We always have glue, coloured paper, scissors, colours etc. ready for these days. An idea is to make a homemade rain gauge with a plastic bottle.


5. Cooking

Many children love to bake biscuits, cakes and pies. Cooking means that we do a bit of math (measuring quantities), we work on motor skills (kneading), and create emotional bonds (we work as a team). It's a great activity for a rainy day.


6. Making a hut at home

Rainy days are ideal for building huts. With old sheets, clothes pegs, chairs and a table or clothes line, you can set up a hut in no time at all. And a den is the ideal place to tell secrets, play, and have fun with friends or siblings.


7. Go to the theatre

The theatre is a special place to go with children. The cinema may be a little more usual, but the theatre still has that personal and magical touch.... the lighting, the music, the scenery.... There are many plays that are especially designed for families. We recommend them wholeheartedly!


8. Visit the library

The library is a good place to spend a few hours discovering new books and stories. A visit to the library stimulates an interest in reading, but it is also a place to relax and have fun in a world of fairy tales. Many libraries organise workshops for children at weekends. It's a great excursion on a rainy day.


9. After the rain

When the rainy days are over, it is the ideal time to visit the waterfalls of the Region of Valencia. We have recommended some waterfalls in our blog that will definitely impress you.